Why give?

By giving generously to the Foundation you can contribute to the future of your community.

  • Perhaps you want your granddaughter to receive a scholarship for university studies?
  • Perhaps you hope that future generations can live proudly in French in this province?

Whatever your motivations, your donations today will contribute to projects that will benefit Francophones in British Columbia.

We owe the success of the Foundation to the strength of the Francophonie, the commitment of those who want to preserve culture and support the projects that promote this culture.


Types of donations

The Foundation receives lump sums or donations through testamentary legacies, donations by will, life insurance, interest-free loans, etc. Whatever your donation, the Foundation guarantees that it will administer the funds with honesty and accuracy. To find out more about how you can contribute to the Foundation, we encourage you to contact the Foundation directly or visit the website.


Make a Donation

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