The goal of the Fondation des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique is to support the long-term development and vitality of the Francophone community in British Columbia.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • Receive donations, bequests, assignments, contributions in cash and securities as well as real estate, and subsequently manage, invest, accumulate and administer them;
  • Foster and encourage the use of French, the development of Francophones and the dissemination of French culture;
  • Promote education, including awarding scholarships, supporting initiatives and organizations.


Assests under management and goals to achieve

Over the next few years, the Foundation hopes to increase its capital to more than $1 million.

To achieve its goal, the Foundation plans to carry out fundraising campaigns, promotional campaigns and, of course, hopes to obtain contributions of various kinds from Francophones and Francophiles in the province. The Foundation will distribute the usufruct of the funds to the Francophone community for the realization of multiple projects.